The Benton Law Firm Rangers Insider: Weeknights at 6pm on 103.3 FM ESPN

Mike Peasley hosts The Benton Law Firm Rangers Insider weeknights at 6pm and Weekends one hour before first pitch on 103.3 FM ESPN. In his eight full season covering the team, Mike brings you inside the Rangers clubhouse and onto the field with a perspective Rangers fans can’t miss when getting ready for the game.

Then, when the game is over we’ll bring you the reaction from Chris Woodward and his team, relive the plays that decided the game, and discuss what happened when Rangers fans all over DFW sound off on the game (855-787-1033).

Before first pitch and when the game ends, Rangers Insider is your radio destination for the coverage you are looking for.

The Benton Law Firm Rangers Insider is brought to you by Benton Law Firm, Men’s T Clinic, and Schneider Trucking.