The BIGGEST Games of the NBA Playoffs are on 103.3 FM ESPN

In addition to being the home of the Dallas Mavericks (Schedule/Details HERE) 103.3 FM ESPN is the home for Lebron James, Kawhi Leonard, and the biggest names in the NBA from the bubble in Orlando. ESPN Radio 103.3 FM ESPN will be your home for the NBA Playoffs and NBA Final

Tuesday 9/15/2020 Miami Heat G1 Boston Celtics 6:00 PM
Thursday 9/17/2020 Miami Heat G2 Boston Celtics TBD
Friday 9/18/2020 LAC/DEN G1 L.A. Lakers 7:30 PM
Saturday 9/19/2020 Boston Celtics G3 Miami Heat 6:30 PM
Sunday 9/20/2020 LAC/DEN G2 L.A. Lakers 6:00 PM
Monday 9/21/2020 Boston Celtics G4 Miami Heat TBD
Tuesday 9/22/2020 L.A. Lakers G3 LAC/DEN 7:30 PM
Wednesday 9/23/2020 Miami Heat G5* Boston Celtics 7:00 PM
Thursday 9/24/2020 L.A. Lakers G4 LAC/DEN 7:30 PM
Friday 9/25/2020 Boston Celtics G6* Miami Heat 7:00 PM
Saturday 9/26/2020 LAC/DEN G5* L.A. Lakers 7:30 PM
Sunday 9/27/2020 Miami Heat G7* Boston Celtics 6:00 PM
Monday 9/28/2020 L.A. Lakers G6* LAC/DEN TBD
Wednesday 9/30/2020 LAC/DEN G7* L.A. Lakers TBD